Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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I have some stuff to recap on this last month here and some new photos to share. So I went to San Francisco for about 12 hours for a signing with Luke Chueh for the "Vivisect Playset 4" at Gallery 1988 on December 1st. We also released a new limited edition print of "Winter's Knight" . I think there might be a couple left.
While out there I met a lot of great people (and wanted to thank those of you who waited to get a sketch, it was a pleasure meeting you....)we ate good Thai food, were semi assaulted by crack heads and watched a pimp chase a tranny hooker down the street. All in all, a good trip.
I had half a day to spend with my family and then it was off to Miami for the FAME Collective show and Art Basel. Josh (Joshua Liner Gallery) and Isaiah put on a great show and it was a great chance to meet a bunch of artists whom I have admired for a while.
This is the piece I did for the FAME Collective show.. "The Tyrant King"

here is the horrible quick thumbnail sketch when the idea flew into my ear and into my brain.

This Piece I did for "The Know Show" curated by Mark Murphy during Art Basel (Thanks Mark)
I was stoked to be able to kick it with these guys during the shows: Ron English, Mars-1, and Oliver Vernon

Rob, Me, Stash, and Sam Flores

Mars putting the goggles on with pal Damon Soule

I was especially stoked to meet this guy.. Kris Kuksi is the man. Not only did he create this:

But he created this too. That's right, he is believed to be the very first person to"throw the Goat"(Sorry Dio and Gene Simmons)

Well, I am foolish and didn't take the best pictures of my entire trip to Miami and am regretting it a bit right now. Thanks Josh, Isaiah and Tim for the awesome trip.
At the end of my trip in Miami I got to spend the entire day at the beautiful Miami International Airport due to flight delays.
Got Home in time to Go to a couple shows on Dec 8. I had a piece in the "Big Money Art Auction" at Copro Nason. "Duke's Dilemma".:

...But first ran by the Corey Helford Gallery to Check out Brandi Milne's new show: "Sugar and Silence". That's her in the center there. The show was amazing. click her link and check it ... Oh look, it's art superstar and all around cool guy Jason Maloney at the far right.

After that, I ran over to Copro for the Auction, but most of all to meet this guy. Mike Leavitt is the creator of the Art army and surprised me a couple monthes ago with a picture of the toy/sculpture he made of me. He is a great guy and super talented artist.

We just released the artist version of my Walrus toy for Upper Playground. I think there might be a couple left, but there are only 50 of these guys (all signed and numbered 7" vinyl, $150) If you are interested and want a shot at it email my wife/manager/baby's momma, Jenn at
The standard argyle color way is still available at Upper Playground as well.

this video interview is a couple years old and Joel, the guy who created it, did a great Job, I just feel stupid on camera and look like a douche. Also Disclaimer because I get a lof of emails about this.. I do not use dirty water for mixing my paints.. it was a joke and edited that way.

I have a couple new designs for Upper Playground out. here are the ads for them:

Here is some gear. Click on the image to go to the stores:


Deph did this one but I have a few handstyles on it too...go to his webite here

alright, gotta go. have a good one.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I am leaving for SF today for Vivisect Playset 4 and can't wait. Off to Miami on Monday through the 6th for Art Basel as well. Hope to bump into some of you while I am out and about.
God Bless...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fecal face interview

I have a new interview up on fecal face if you would like to see it go here
....Thanks Manuel for taking the time to do the interview.
alright , I gotta go change my kids diaper, talk to you all later..

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well the "IMSCARED" show passed and went without a hitch thanks to Jenn, My Dad, Jensen, Katie, Corey, and Rebecca at Gallery 1988. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it out to the show, I know traffic and the weather sucked. here are some online reviews of the show if you are interested in seeing the show:
Gallery1988 (thanks Jensen)
Juxtapoz(Thanks Mystery photographer)
Guillotine (thanks Ronnie)
supertouch (Thanks Jamie and Everlast)
flickr (thanks SeskaFuze)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Okay, So I know I suck at updating thing. I apologize. I am a bit wiped out these days. We had our baby boy about 3 weeks ago and are completely stoked, but like everyone warns, you get no sleep for quite a while. It hasn't been a bad thing, this kid is awesome! and I am just going to sound like a typical proud dad, but I don't really care. He is a typical kid, he poops, screams, cries, wakes up the minute I finally fall asleep, but I can't help but love him. Weird how things work. In most walks of life, if someone screamed at you for trying to feed them, hit you for trying to give them a clean change of clothes or purposely deprived you of sleep, you would be through with them. That's why I always say that God made babies cute, because it would be so much harder to handle the abuse these little monsters can deal out if they weren't (just kidding, all parents think their own kids are adorable, even when to everyone els they may not be). And besides, I finally have someone to tell my bedtime stories to, watch cartoons with, teach to skateboard, and hopefully raise to be a good person.
And with this new addition I find myself getting on the computer less and am in the studio more, so that is a good thing. hopefully I'll have a bunch of new stuff to post in here next time I update.. so for now, here is a new pic and some videos...
peace and God Bless,

Thursday, July 12, 2007


"Edward's Losing"

and here are some vids.....

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Low Roller" from the Down Low Art Show at M Modern Vegas

Piece for Shirt Design for Disney's Bloc28

"The Visitation" for Bloc 28

and now some vids:

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So we got back from Philly in somewhat one piece. Aside from getting really sick with whatever virus is flying around right now, we had a great time in Philly. Thanks to Brad, Josh, Tim and John at Lineage gallery for the hospitality. Also wanted to point out that Naoto Hattori is a genius and it was a pleasure being in a show with him. Aside from our show downstairs, we were stoked to be able to enjoy Anne Faith Nicholls show "From the Corner of My Mind" in the upstairs gallery. Her work is awesome and it was fun getting to know her and her boyfriend Jacob Arden McClure who is also an amzing artist.
Before I post my pics here are a couple links to some of the coverage of "Forgotten lands" (thanks Manuel Bello, and Brent Nolasco)

and now a couple pics from the show:

Jenn, Me, Anne Faith Nicholls, Brad & Josh the owners of Lineage, Jacob Arden McClure

Yours Truly, Tattoo Maestro Joe Capobianco and friends
Me, artist Matt Dangler and friend Ryan

An awesome gift from artist Matt Moys

So what's next. Just finished a painting for "The Down Low Art Show" being held at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas by M Modern
Most importantly, we just finished putting my baby to be's room together. about 8 weeks and counting folks till I am elbow deep in diapers and sending out distress calls. Can't wait though. The Lil' Monsta Approacheth!!
here's some random stuff to look at. Enjoy:

Friday, May 4, 2007

So... Gotta new show in the works....

This is my first big show on the east coast and I am honored to be showing with Naoto Hattori at Philedelphias finest Lineage Gallery.
The Show is June 1st, 2007 through July 1st, 2007
Reception: Friday June 1st from 6 to 10pm
For more info on the show, go to or email them at