Friday, June 15, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So we got back from Philly in somewhat one piece. Aside from getting really sick with whatever virus is flying around right now, we had a great time in Philly. Thanks to Brad, Josh, Tim and John at Lineage gallery for the hospitality. Also wanted to point out that Naoto Hattori is a genius and it was a pleasure being in a show with him. Aside from our show downstairs, we were stoked to be able to enjoy Anne Faith Nicholls show "From the Corner of My Mind" in the upstairs gallery. Her work is awesome and it was fun getting to know her and her boyfriend Jacob Arden McClure who is also an amzing artist.
Before I post my pics here are a couple links to some of the coverage of "Forgotten lands" (thanks Manuel Bello, and Brent Nolasco)

and now a couple pics from the show:

Jenn, Me, Anne Faith Nicholls, Brad & Josh the owners of Lineage, Jacob Arden McClure

Yours Truly, Tattoo Maestro Joe Capobianco and friends
Me, artist Matt Dangler and friend Ryan

An awesome gift from artist Matt Moys

So what's next. Just finished a painting for "The Down Low Art Show" being held at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas by M Modern
Most importantly, we just finished putting my baby to be's room together. about 8 weeks and counting folks till I am elbow deep in diapers and sending out distress calls. Can't wait though. The Lil' Monsta Approacheth!!
here's some random stuff to look at. Enjoy: