Thursday, April 12, 2007

A few of my buddies are in this movie "Piece of Mind" that is being shown at the Newport Film Festival. Check it out if you are in the area, it is an awesome film directed by two great up and coming filmographers:


iamintricate said...

Hey you're back! ... ok, kinda. :)

I'd check it out, but it surely isn't local.

Is your Seattle show still happening next month? And if so, will you be at the opening? Not likely, but can't hurt to ask!

Hope life is well and all is coming together nicely with the mini monsta-to-be.

craola1 said...

I don't have a seattle show homie..
I have a show in Philly on June 1st though. that is the next big one.
8-bit in L.A. next week at Gallery 1988.

Kyle Kesterson said...

I swear I saw a flyer in late December for a showing that you're doing up here. Crap! When I saw it, I marked it on my calendar... someone lied!


Well, you should consider doing one up here then, haha.