Monday, July 14, 2008

The govenment wants to rob artist of their copyrights with a new law

If you are not aware...there is a movement in congress to remove our rights to our work once we create it...basically once you snap a photo or sketch a drawing make a song....someone can take it and use it without your permission and get away with it.

you gotta see this video and please check out this page and get involved...this BS has me so pissed right now i am trying to control my words...this is just a gateway to loosing more rights and privacy... pass this on...Get involved!.

http://www. myspace. com/protectyourwork

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Jeremy said...

Heya Greg:

I was up in arms about this while working on an article about copyright a couple months ago. It's a scary concept, but I found some reassurance in a great article on Misconceptions about the Orphan Works Act here.

My article is here.

P.S. I dig your upcoming Cap'n figure. Wrote it up on the site.