Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Tattooville

Okay So it is about time I post something about Baby Tattooville. Sorry I am a little late to the game. been burning the midnight oil on new pieces for my show November 3. So first off, I just wanted to thank Bob Self for the invitation to such an incredible event. You are a generous man Bob and I'm glad to know ya. It was a lot of fun geting to hang out with everyone who made it to the Mission Inn in Riverside for the event. I was stoked to get to hang with some artist friends who I rarely get to see and make friends with others whose art I had always admired. So here are some pics from the event that I totally ripped off from Arrested Motion.. thanks guys:

All the artists contributed to this print

Here is a drawing I did for Bob

Met awesome artist and great person Tara McPherson

Also met tattooist/artist genius/late nite Jack in the box taco delivery saint and all around nice person Hannah Aitchison

Designed these badges for the event

We all drew up some little collab cards

Me and two guys I highly respect, Gris Grimly and Jeff Soto

Art Jam begins

The finished product with all the artists

A couple close ups of the sections I worked on

Yup, I got my black skull cornered by KRK Ryden and Travis Louie. The art jam was fun, especially when Bob snapped us into shape in the last 20 minutes and got all the artists working at the same time.

This seems to be my posture during the entire event, be it painting or drawing in sketch books. Good times...

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Twelver said...

say craola, would you be interested in doing a book trade? also i love art jams, always fun n inspiring.