Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hermosa PunkArt Exhibition Cosing Party

Come celebrate the South Bays Punk Rock History tomorrow at the closing party for "Punk Art". I have a ton of old flyers and some album covers and posters (and one somewhat controversial drawing) on display. This scene is in part how I got my kick in the pants to make art as a living, starting with show fliers and band merch for my friends bands. The opening went off and I expect the same for the close, so stop by the Hermosa beach historical museum and be a part of South Bay history.

"Just a reminder, this Saturday will be the exhibition closing of the
Punk Art exhibit at the Hermosa Museum.
A 40 Year Retrospect of South Bay concert posters, show flyers, album
covers and gig photos.
This is a very personal project of mine that was 18 months in the making.

If you haven't seen the exhibit yet I strongly suggest that you come by.
To make attendance easier we have extended museum hours from 12noon-9pm.
Beer and wine will be provided from 6-9pm and limited merch will be on sale.
All proceeds go to the museum.
Remember that this is an ALL AGES event!" -Jani Lange

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Tracey Clarke said...

Those were the days.....wish I could see it...