Monday, May 17, 2010


So with the majority of the creative part done for my upcoming show "Inside The Outside" at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York on June 5th, the inevitable dreaded shipping day arrived. I have always good luck with my shippers Box Bros. and have lots of faith in them, but it kind of feels like sending my kids off to college every time I drop off a show.
My dad showed up early today and helped me load to trucks up with artwork and off we went at a snails pace. They generally make a huge wooden crate and individually wrap the works, so off they go tomorrow.

Once that was done, it was off to the printers to sign the limited edition print we will be releasing at the show "The Welcoming Party"

With those signed, it was off to "To Die For" to visit my friends Josh and Jason.

Here's the wall we recently painted at the To Die For and IMSCARED Flagship store...

Had to pick up some much needed tools...

and some more...hope to use these soon......Thanks Montana

Great catching up there and then it was off to an hour of traffic and more drawing time. Shipping days can be depressing, just because coming back to the bare studio kinda sucks. All these pieces have become part of the family so I can't wait to get to New York in June to see them again... well this cheered me up:

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Mark Wroblewski said...

I wish I could go up to NY to see the show! I would love to see your art face-to-face.

Just curious, but does Montana just send you a box of cans for free? Like a sponsorship? Because I would love that!