Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Many of you already know my good friend Adam Hathorn and his insanely talented skills at not only inking a fancy ass drawing, and painting a purty picture, but more notably zapping an incredible one of a kind tattoo. Well do me a favor and help me to get my next tattoo by Adam. I need everyone out there who desires to get a good tattoo, no scratch that , a GREAT tattoo, to get there ass down to Guru Tattoo in San Diego and get yerself in line for the 300 club. $300 bucks gets you a one of a kind masterpiece in a sequence leading up to 300. Now I already called dibs on number 280, but for me to get it, he needs you guys to get him to that number. I know that people are getting lined up already, I'm just getting anxious. To get in line call Guru Tattoo @ 858-270-1070 or email Adam at hathornadam@hotmail.com .

More to come so stay tuned...

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