Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well my good friend Alex Pardee and I are sneaking out of our respective studios to join forces like Zan and Jayna for a signing and winter social with all of You at the brand new ZERO FRIENDS store in North Hollywood, but lets here it from the man himself. Lady and gentlemen, Alex Pardee:

"SO MANY THINGS!!! (Aside from Leslie Neilsen dying and destroying my week, that is) First, let's get a rundown of all of the awesome madness that is ensuing at the ZEROFRIENDS LA Retail Store this weekend: As the brilliantly designed flyer above states, MY FAVORITE ARTIST in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE will be making his first appearance at the Zerofriends LA store THIS SATURDAY and signing & sketching alongside Craola! Hah! See what I did there? Alright, that was my attempt at boosting my confidence. Didn't work, so let's just get to the facts. In a short little fun pre-holiday gathering, Greg "Craola" Simkins & Myself, Alex "Crappy RoseArt Brand" Pardee, will be hanging and singing for 2 hours at the ZEROFRIENDS LA Store! And yes, this actually DOES mark both Greg & My first time at the ZF LA store! I have been hard at work on my upcoming SOLO SHOW for the Corey Helford Gallery, so I haven't even had a chance to see the store yet! And I won't be back until mid January, if at all, so please please come say hi to me and Greg this Saturday, Dec 4, from NOON - 2PM! Store info:
Cella Gallery presents: ZEROFRIENDS POP UP STORE 11135 Weddington St. Suite #112 North Hollywood, CA 91601 213-291-7908 Open Daily from 12-7PM Oh, and ALSO, because Greg & I both loved the ORANGE LANTERN COLLAB PRINT that we just released together, and since we both also love Christmas, we had a little fun defacing the original Orange Lantern piece for the holiday season and are releasing ONLY 40 OF THESE on Saturday exclusively at the Zerofriends LA store!! Check it:

"Orange Lantern" (The Santa O'Malley Edition) By Alex Pardee & Greg "Craola" Simkins Extremely Limited Edition of 40 8" x 10" Signed & Numbered by both Alex & Greg $25.00 Available SATURDAY, DEC 4 @ The ZEROFRIENDS LA STORE! Some little details from the new version:)

So we hope to see you on Saturday but also don't forget! Thursday night, this is happening:

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