Saturday, December 18, 2010

DABSMYLA x CRAOLA......Long Live The Yellow Fin!!

Everyone knows, or should know by now, that the dolphin has lost it's place as the most beautiful fish in the ocean (don't tell me, I know, but a dolphin really is a fish, i mean look at those beedy little eyes) It is time for the rise of the tuna... LONG LIVE THE YELLOW FIN!
So I was lucky enough to get out of the studio the other day and take part of the L.A. free walls project going on in Downtown L.A. with two of my favorite people/artists Dabs and Myla. There are a ton of new walls going up thanks to Daniel at Jet Set Graffiti, making downtown a new destination for visitors from around the world. Anyways, here is what we collaborated on , a combination of spray paint and acrylics. Hope you like
(thanks Jack at Daily Dujour! I stole your picture up above)

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