Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I was able to participate in the Charity by numbers show last Saturday night at the Corey Helford gallery and had a great time.
All proceeds of the paintings went to a Childrens Charity.


iamintricate said...

A nice lil feature you got. I love how mainstream news presents things.

I'm curious how the project began. Did you have a paint by numbers sheet to work from that was supplied or something different?

craola1 said...

they sent the finished paint by numbers piece and we were just supposed add to it. it was pretty fun.

iamintricate said...

Oh even better... the 'boring' stuff out of the way, leaving room for all of the fun! :D

Ok, I know I'm quite lame for replying to every single post (I guess multiple times on some) hehe.

I can't help it - I just got the new Jux and dang dude, 12 pages? Congratulations. I've been looking forward to a feature on you for quite some time. It was a great read and also nice to see your work larger than what's on my screen. (I know, a few more months til the Seattle show!)

Cheers man.