Friday, January 26, 2007

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Started off by going to my good friend Bob Dob's house to work on my last painting for the show. That's him painting his next masterpiece in teh back. I had the table right there in the foreground. I am also quite jealous of his neato studio, it kicks ass. Here's Bobs's website . He has a bunch of amazing stuff up there.

After that, I went home tried to finish the painting and got through a lot of it, then went on down to the Dunny party at the Standard in Downtown L.A. with my wife and our good friends. It was a good time , made even better when I bumped into my hero Alex Pardee who was in town to participate in a Rodeo of all things. "Who knew riding Ponies would actually pay off and turn into a career" He told me as he rode off. He's got a show at 5024SF in March so you better all be attending. It's going to kick ass.

Bumped into Blaine Fontana as well and he has a show at the Lab101 in Culver City on Feb 3. He has some great things up his sleeve for this show.

So what books are you guys reading. I listen to more books on CD than read, these days, but hear is the "reading" list anyways:
"Flowers for Algernon"
"Tales from Watership Down"
"Alice's adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass"
"The Old Man and The Sea"
And whatever I Books on CD I can find by Dean Koontz.
See you in San Francisco.

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iamintricate said...

Man... the adventures of CrayolaOne. BobDob and Blaine put out some great stuff, but Alex has holding the reigns on the 'inspiration pedestal' with you for a few years now. You both have a quality in your work that I strive for as I sit and hash out doodle after doodle for 10hrs a day at this desk. No lie.

(Thanks for updating your blog as much as you do - helps to keep blood pumpin' on this end).

As for the analog reads, the 2 new books I picked up are:


It breaks down the formula of the Disney Villain - it includes a grip of production sketches and fully rendered frames.


Explores the silent films that started Disney - the era in which most Disney dedicated books overlook. (Rad live-action mixed w/ animated character scenes)

Simkins: ink, inks, sin, sins, sink, sinks, miss, mini, sis, mink, minks, kiss...

yay for anagrams.

Keep on truckin'.