Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So I just got back from the XSTATIC'09 festival in Split, Croatia.I can't get over how beautiful this place is. The ruins/architecture, the ocean town, the food and coffee. Everything about this trip was amazing...except the flying. I hate airports and 3 planes there and 4 back with huge layovers and long flying times was miserable, but who am I to complain with a free vacation. Thanks to Pero for hooking up the event. The biggest honor was getting to meet and hangout with so many amazing and legendary writers. Big ups to Ces, Sub, Won, Besok, Can Two, Atom, Wow123, Kent, Loomit, Efas, Mystery, Darco, Smash 137, Jazi, Belin, Robadiga, Morka, and everyone else.

This is the Hotel where we stayed which was built into the old Palace ruins.

This cafe had the best coffee I've ever had.

one of the numerous walkways. Very common down there.

I took these two photos for my buddies Graham and Jason. Bon Apetite!

My favorite dish of the trip, Seafood Risotto.

Sub, Belin, and Robadiga picking their paint.

Belin, Me, Mystery, and Robadiga

Yes folks, Ces can paint circles around you with both hands and his eyes closed...

these kids kept begging for "spray" and eventually would just steal our spray cans when we weren't looking. Most of them were cool though.

better pics to come later, we couldn't flik it properly yet becasue of the scaffolding.

It was an honor to be able to hit these guys up on the wall when we were finished.
that's all for now.


beebee said...

I was just reading an interview with Kris Kuksi, who is brilliant artist, not only in my opinion, and he says u are among artist he likes so i just googled your work and realised I know your work but didn't know your name and that u were just in front of my house few days ago- I live in Split ! :)
so... funny coincidence, but now i wish it was few days before, especially since i went to festival to take a look around for a while.. :)
OK, this is me thinking and writing, the first i can't help, but the second i don't know why I'm doing, but i think I'm gonna hit publish anyway .. So Split, glad u like it. :)

craola1 said...

thanks for the comment K8 and Kris Kuksi is one of my favorite artists. sorry I didn't get to say hello in Split, you live in a beautiful city.

jasonxyouth said...

best coffee in the world sounds good though.