Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hi Friends!
Me and Alex Pardee have been wanting to create a collaboration piece of art/wearable magic for all of you for some time. Instead of me, Greg, making half of a heart with my fingers and thumb, and then Alex making the other half of a heart with his fingers and thumb, and then us merging those same fingers and thumbs spoken of previously together into one beautiful heart.... we did this: Our VERY FIRST TRUE COLLABORATION t-shirt & print release!

Please file this in the "it-was-bound-to-happen-eventually-but-its-still-blowing-my-mind-at-how-cool-it-was-to-work-on" folder, as today Zerofriends released both a t-shirt and a HUGE poster featuring collaborative art between Alex Pardee and GREG "CRAOLA" SIMKINS!!!! (okay yes, I am stealing some of Alex's words here, but no one says it better)

direct link to graphic:

A Message From Alex:

"Greg and I have collaborated in the past and we really wanted to do something cool for our first Zerofriends collab, so we decided to stop planning and just jump right in and MASH UP both of our companies ("Zerofriends", and "I'm Scared") into a deformed frankenstein-ish pile of superheroes.
What started as an innocent play on the old "Superfriends" shirts that both Greg and I had when we were in fourth grade, morphed into something a little more monstrous after a few back and forth sketch-sessions.
The end result is now available for you to dress yourself up in thanks to the age-old craft of printing!!

Starting today, The "SCARED FRIENDS" design is an insane 11-COLOR screenprint available on 3 different colors of shirts (white, slate, and light blue). And we actually used the exact color palette of the old superfriends art when we were designing this graphic.

And, because both Greg & My bedroom walls were plastered with super hero posters and giant dinosaur-eating galaxy posters, we thought "Why not produce old school-style wall posters?!" So we did just that. The "Scared Friends" image is also available as a HUGE 24" x 36" glossy poster for you (or your kids') walls!!

In the midst of everything else that is going on, this is something that i have been DYING to tell you guys about because Greg Simkins is one of my favorite artists of all time so it was a really fun collab. So be sure to check it out and grab one before they run out (as Greg's art and products seems to be more in demand than Kanye West's Nikes as of late).

Here's the info about the shirts, which are available EXCLUSIVELY online at Zerofriends ONLY!!!
Click here to go directly to ZEROFRIENDS or click any of the pictures below to purchase!


It's available in 3 colors. I guarantee you had the baby blue one in 4th grade. I know I did.

Detail of the art. Greg handled most of the left half and I did the right, but we scribbled back and forth over each other a lot and managed not to get mad at each other. It was fun.


And check out the poster, the thing is HUGE, and will eat your Spuds McKenzie poster in a heartbeat.

Yah, i got a paper cut on my cheek but whatever...

Direct link to purchase the poster:

What are you waiting for?? With this image gracing your wall or your chest, you will be granted scary & super powers beyond belief.

Thanks a ton.
Oh, and yes, there are more collabs to come. Shhhhh:)


PS> Here are a couple of quotes from myself and Greg about the graphic:
Greg Simkins:"What's the difference between a Hero and a SUPERhero? Tights.
What's the difference between a friend and a SCARED friend? The same...tights. So all of you average heroes and boring friends go out and get some tights!"
Alex Pardee: Speaking of tights, I don't think i was overweight as a child, but nonetheless, my Grandma called me "Fats" since day one. So I used it to my advantage. My footsie pajamas didn't quite hold my weight, which made them resemble a tight red leotard. And already crested with a Shazam logo, my identity switched to Fats Lightning on a nightly basis, where I repeatedly solved infamous crime capers close to home, with my biggest victory being The Great Snail-Crusher Caper of 1981. All of the evidence pointed at myself, but I somehow avoided conviction."

Thanks Alex for doing this project with me and for stomping out that tribe of snails outside my studio. I am surprised and impressed that those footy pajamas still fit you... and fit you well.

If you haven't seen Alex's recent show at Upper Playground in Portland, go HERE!
you'll see why so many of us consider him a genius.


DaRo said...

Just got mine in baby blue... Dope as hell

Joe said...

I'm so glad to see you together, you're so amazing and your draws are so fabulous. I'm drawing too and if you get the time check out my space !

Here's the link www.louuelouee.skyrock.com

* Criticize my works please, I need to know if Im going on a right way =) thanks guys !


Rob Weingeist said...

Do you have any shirts left? I had a poster of this, but someone stole it when I moved. :(