Saturday, March 12, 2011

"INLE" Group Exhibit recap & pics

Friday night was the opening of the "INLE" group exhibit I curated and it was such an awesome night full of great people, amazing artists and incredible artwork. I'm still recovering from this week in anticipation of this show but wanted to share some pics (sorry some of them aren't very clear and I have "bright eyes" (not red eyes) in most of them...)

My painting The Elil and Fu Inle´

Me and artist, Zach LaRoc (LYTE)

INLE artist, Matthew Bone and I in front of his amazing piece

"WD2: This Season The Rabbits Are Doing The Hunting"

A friend from Golden Apple Comics next door brought a special visitor by - the coolest black rabbit!

Me, black rabbit and my lovely wife/scary business manager.

This guy came to my signing with Alex Pardee recently and let me draw on his leg...later it became a tattoo!

INLE artist, Misha is rockin her very own black rabbit of INLE in her hair and on her nails.

It's so cool and humbling when people get your artwork tattooed on them. Tattoo artist (left) and the guy with the CRAOLA tattoo on right.

Watership Down fan brings a copy of her book for me to sign.

Me and INLE artists Steven Daily & Shawn Barber.

INLE artists Joe Capobianco and Carlos East of the Beast Brothers came in from New York for the show.

Axis, me, Sram, Bleek, Mers and Steven Daily.

INLE artist, Jason Maloney.

I can't tell you how honored I was to have one of the most influential artists in my life, Axis , be part of the show. His theories on how to prepare surfaces and the proper paints to use and approach to a piece really got me headed in the right direction. Check Out his amazing piece titled:
"Nor Crown Nor Coin Can Halt Times Flight Or Stay The Armies Of The Night King And Villein, Lad And Lass, All Answer To The Hourglass."
here and click on it for more info:

Matthew Bone, me, Jeffery Page, Dan Quintana and Steven Daily.

And now for the highlight of the night. Bill McEvoy and Greg Rodriguez stole the show with not only a great piece, but trust me, you have to see it in person. Take my word for it, go to the gallery, ask for a pair of the glasses that were left there for the piece and prepare to be amazed.

alright, get down to the gallery and see the show while it is up, you've got til the end of the month ;)


upinthecosmos said...

I wish I could get there to see it, that last piece is amazing on line so I'm sure it would be so much more in person!

Daniel said...

Great photos and recap on the INLE exhibition. It's amazing how many creative, talented people are out there...

Foxx said...

I am a huge fan of WSD and Inle', all around. The pictures from the event were amazing, especially the little black bunn. Are there any considerations to moving this to my hometown NYC? I would love see these pieces of art up close and personal, as well as many of my whacky wabbit friends!