Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Will Blow Your Mind!

I've always admired Josh Keyes work as many of you have and am totally honored to have him as part of the "Inle´" exhibition. Here is some great coverage that Jensen at Gallery 1988 has on his blog about Josh's amazing contribution to the exhibition:

"Josh Keyes is one of those universally loved artists, and for good reason. I remember maybe 5 years ago, when LA Weekly had Josh do an illustration for their cover (CONGRATS to them, because they were EARLY!), and it absolutely stunned me. He was about to show at Fecal Face in SF, and it was obvious this guy's talent was going to end up on some serious walls. And it has. Words aren't going to help explain how beautiful this piece is, the picture above does that perfectly well for itself already. But here are some words directly from Josh Keyes about the acrylic on board piece -

"This was influenced partly by Richard Adams Plague Dogs as well as the Inle character from Watership Down.

The products depicted in the painting are made by companies that continue to test on laboratory animals including rabbits.

The crows are in the shape of Inle and I though Black Angels was fitting in that though the act and natural behavior of carrion birds and other scavenger animals is disturbing (to us) it is part of the natural cycle of life. I see the crows as an active agent of liberation, freeing the lab animals bodies from a life of torment and by consuming and breaking down the body the animal is absorbed into the energy of the life cycle."

Again, I won't be able to say something better than the piece does, or Josh did himself. Just wanted you to see it."

Thanks again Josh..
Also Stacy Ransom did an incredible write of the show up on her blog Ransom Notes. Click HERE to check it out!
Alright have a good week.


Graz said...

WOW!!!! JK is awesome and continues to prove this over and over again. Great piece!!!

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