Tuesday, March 27, 2012

American Art Collector

I just wanted to thank Josh Rose and the people at American Art Collector for including this teaser interview in this months issue for my show "Cloud Theory" happening this April 21st at Merry Karnowsky Gallery. An even better reason to come out to the show is that my friend Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez will also be unveiling his new Solo Show. click the link and check out his amazing work.

A big thanks goes out to my friend Birdman for allowing me to use this great photo he had taken at my studio for American Art Collector Magazine. Birdman has been putting in tons of footwork making the rounds and becoming one of the most prolific and stand out art photographers around. He has covered everything from graffiti to street art to fine art and has been able to capture the attitude and personalities of the artists who make masterpieces we all enjoy. So my hat is off to this guy for all his hard work and his generous giving of himself and his time and even putting himself in harms way to document this moment in time.

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