Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So....Just had a couple fun days. I got to check out Bob Dob's new studio yeterday and was able to do a little work over there to change things up. ( He's got some awesome new paintings in the works that will knock your socks off. if you wear socks that is. I suggest you do wear socks, there are a lot of foot diseases and fungus' out there and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you...
I was able to grab lunch with my good friend Alex Pardee and his talented business partner C.W. today. These guys have some stuff up there sleeves that is going to blow your mind. As always I was amazed at the quality and quantity of the work Alex is doing. You gotta check out his show at Upper Playground in March ( It is going to kick ass. Thanks for lunch buddy.
now I must get back to work, the little elves that usually paint my paintings are on strike until I buy them socks and hair nets.
take care..

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.drawxwings. said...

hey(its jason),
your paintings cant get any will rupture some poor persons retna soon.
those are phenominal friend.