Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How's everyones Holidays going. Busy working over here. Here are a couple new pics for ya. Just got a shipment of my Lunch Boxes in and can't wait to put peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches in them and then forget them on the playground and have my mom beat me when I get home.

Here is a couple new sketches drawn with unicorn blood.

and here is my stunt double working hard while I eat bon bons and watch Laguna Beach.

Have a safe New Years everyone and hope to see you in February at 5024SF.


iamintricate said...

You really love working on the larger canvases, yeah? It's looking quite dramatic so far.

Is the frame that's shown a bit in the foreground for that piece? It's quite elaborate. :D

Oh and my lunchbox is in the mail! yay.

Happy New Year to you too...

rain said...


ZOSO said...

man, you keep one uping yourself! this looks like its gunna be crazzyyy. those wings?
I cant wait to see this one finished!!!
stay at it!