Thursday, December 7, 2006

Well Folks. I am in a Group Show tonight at Gallery 1988 in Melrose:
Come on by if you are in the neighborhood.
Also Am ramping up and getting going on my pieces for my Solo Show at 5024SF/Upper Playground entitled "Don't Sleep". Can't wait! Also I'll leave you with this. A little warning about painting rooms. Not mural painting or or anything. I'm talking about rollers ladders and masking tape. Painting my friends nursery to be exact. Pink too. The warning is, pay attention to the surface you are painting on. I carelessly painted over a spider sitting on the window sill. Part of me didn't see it, and part of me wanted to see a pink spider running around the room. Well the story would have ended there and been fine, but last night my friend called me and said that the nursery was screaming like a cat was being stepped on. He ran upstairs and to his surprise the walls of the room had sprouted legs and eyes and had apparently snagged a cat off of the outside wall. It was busy wrapping the cat with its web about to drain its kitty Juices when my friend walked in. "What a surprise?" he thought. "I've been trying to get rid of that cat for weeks". He and the Spider had a good laugh and crashed for the night.

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