Friday, January 5, 2007

Just setting up for the show, but HEY, Last night was soooo windy. We woke up and our house was in a crazy world on top of some old broad with ruby slippers. She should have looked where she was going.
So what is up with you there. Yeah you, reading this blog? Listening to any new music? I just downloaded "Heroine" by "From First to Last" and it sounds pretty good. I can't wait for the new Used album to come out, but I guess I will have to.
Well I got to get back to work, have a good one.


iamintricate said...

I guess you're referring to me then, yeah? O_O

3 albums I just picked up, and am enjoying quite immensely, are:

Cortney Tidwell
Shiny Toy Guns
TV on the Radio

If you get a chance to check them out, if you haven't already, let me know what ya think.

As for windstorms, I'm up in Seattle and we surely experienced God's havoc not too long ago. Some people in the area were without power for 7-10 days! Dubya declared us a disaster zone. Fun times... (To see how dependent we are on such a basic, yet essential element is quite humbling really. Time to invest in a survival pack...)

Good luck w/ your show! I love your frame selection, especially the one on the bottom right.



craola1 said...

7-10 days!!! damn that sucks. hope things get better for y'all. thanks for the comment and have a good one.
oh yeah, T.V. on the radio is sick. I'll check out the others.

Erosone12 said...

Those damn wicked witches and their ruby shoes!

A couple more albums among the others listed, that are well worth listening to:

The Sleeping
(They have an afinity for rabbits too)

(Their old, they no longer exist, but they are good)

Cold War Kids

All very good bands, and all a little better for different moods.