Friday, January 12, 2007

FEBRUARY 1st at 5024SF

Damn it was cold last night. I know I shouldn't be complaining since I live in Southern California, but we aint used to that sort of thing. anyways. I gotta go drop some books on CD off at the Library so have a good weekend.


iamintricate said...

Guh.. Shows like this is what tempts me w/ the idea of packing up and leaving Seattle to come join in on the festivities.

... Wait. You have a show coming up here this spring! Almost forgot. :)

Oh, and it's currently 23', a whole 4' warmer than yesterday morn at this time.

Oliviero said...

Hey mate, i'm coming all the way from ITALY!!! gotta work at the "World Fancy Food" but i've changed flight plans just for the Show and to score a piece (maybe more ;) ) If we meet i'm the guy that pronouces your nickname in a strange (italian) way!!

cheers + see u there


ps: is it really THAT cold??!!

el maz said...
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el maz said...

wowzers my man! some fine looking work i see there! this show is going to be excellent.

i might be in the area for the show's opening night, if so i will definitely be there for the opening.

Bax Turbine said...

It is always a pleasure to view your beautiful work. I'm so happy I now have a nother place to visit! Long live the Craola blog!!!

Brad said...

One Day Ill make it from Nashville to a show.