Friday, January 19, 2007

The Great People At Gelaskins have made a new Ipod cover out of my recent painting "The Ghost of Cap'n Bristlebeard". just click on the image to pick one up for yourself if that is something that interests you.
Still working away on paintings for the Feb 1st show. I can't wait. It should be a lot of fun up there. hope everyone is doing well.


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iamintricate said...

Ah saw your myspace bulletin before this - I'll just repost my message since it's probably easier to respond here.

Ah you're all over the map! That just so happens to be my background... if only I gave into the ipod epidemic. Shoot, I may just get one cuz it's one of my favorite pieces.

Speaking of which, I was going to ask ya, does it have anything to do with Pirates of the Caribbean 2?

Stay up Greg,


Oh, and gnarly desk! Sure has gotten some mileage put on it eh?